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General / WBS on Discord
« on: 24 August 2019, 11:03:11 AM »
I can't remember the last time I posted a topic (lol), but since a few of us are probably using Discord it would make sense to set up a server  8)

For those of you who haven't used Discord, you can get it for free and it's a bit like a modern-day Xfire -

Once you've got Discord you can join our Discord server using this link:
It's not strictly just for WBS members, I'm fine with anyone from the wider Battlefield 1942 community using it to stay in touch  :)

Spam / Happy Birthday Rampage
« on: 12 February 2017, 07:29:14 PM »
Happy Birthday Ramp, 3 years old today

General / Happy Birthday Pepper
« on: 10 December 2016, 11:31:09 PM »
With 30 minutes to spare  ::)

Happy 21st Birthday  >:D

General / Happy Birthday Razor
« on: 11 August 2016, 10:28:04 PM »
I know I'm still a few hours early but Happy Birthday Razor!!!  :-* 8)

You can have as many recordings of my voice as your heart could possibly desire

General / Android
« on: 02 June 2016, 10:25:38 PM »
Happy Birthday Andy  :-*

General / Happy Birthday Spring
« on: 01 September 2015, 08:00:18 AM »
Happy Birthday to a very special French !!   O:-) >:D

General / Happy Birthday NeXus
« on: 15 June 2015, 04:38:11 PM »
Happy 20th Birthday angry whopper  :P

General / Xfire client to be shutdown
« on: 10 June 2015, 02:17:44 PM »

we have decided to sunset the Xfire Client and the social site so we can focus our efforts on The Xfire Tournament Platform.

I've heard people saying it is going to be shutdown this Friday  :'(

General / Happy Birthday Mark
« on: 07 June 2015, 12:09:45 PM »
Happy Birthday Mark, have a good one  >:D O0

Minecraft / Whitelist
« on: 03 May 2015, 11:48:44 PM »
The following players are currently whitelisted

92WarMachin - Kill Machine & War Machine
AcE_Android - Android
b1akkdragon - Dragonlizard
BigPoppa_ - bernd
bobbybarker - The Punisher
Chewromy - Twist
Harry17899 - harry sniper
MarkNL42 - MarkNL
MrWhoopz_ - Whoopz
norristuesday - Tuesday
reegad1 - Reegad
shnee199 - PurpleHaze (WarLord/AnXieTy)
skitthekid72 - Rampage

Minecraft / Minecraft Server
« on: 02 February 2015, 12:04:57 AM »
After thinking about it for quite some time I actually went and got us a minecraft server  8)

Since then I came up with the idea that we should all play on the server for  the first time together. We will be able to race each other to see who can do certain things first. How is this coming Saturday for everyone?

Currently you will need to be whitelisted to play on the server so no one will be able to get a headstart before then  :P
Even I haven't played on the server yet.

Tell me your minecraft names and I will whitelist you all when we first play  :))

The server is a pure vanilla and in survival mode.

General / Happy Birthday Kill Machine
« on: 22 November 2014, 09:37:57 AM »
Happy Birthday old man  :-*

Enjoy it  >:D

Battlefield 1942 / Berlin Server
« on: 06 October 2014, 04:42:39 PM »
After the server being down for a couple of days it is up and running again but with some differences.

The server has been renamed to *[WBS]* Berlin and as you might have guessed Berlin is now the only map in rotation. However, it is in the map rotation 3 times as 3 different game modes, each of which have been modded differently.

Here are some of the main differences:

Conquest - No tanks, no grenades, no exppacks
TDM - No tanks
CTF - Turbo jeeps, jet pack, apc teleporters, redefined out of bounds area

Rounds last for 30 minutes and there are 2 rounds per level. Friendly fire has been enabled.

Other maps can of course be played upon request and I have added some custom maps to the server which I will list later.

I hope you like it  O0

General / Happy Birthday Spring
« on: 01 September 2014, 02:31:42 PM »
Happy birthday you French noob  :))  :-*

General / Happy Birthday Razor
« on: 10 August 2014, 12:12:26 PM »
21 today, enjoy it  8)  >:D

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