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Team Fortress 2 / General Server Info
« on: 04 May 2015, 01:35:40 AM »
How to join

For those interested in giving Team Fortress 2 a go, here's a quick guide to get into the server in a matter of seconds
First, you'll have to enable the Dev. console (which is one of the most useful tools in all Source-based games, especially for admin duties)

1 - Go to options
2 - Go to the keyboard tab
3 - Go to advanced
4 - Check 'enable dev. console'
5 - Hit ok
To actually enable the console, you have to hit the 'tilde' key (`)

When enabled, the console allows you to put certain strings in

Use the command above to quickly connect with our server
Now hit enter, and voila, you're now playing on the TF2 server  O0

To be able to join the server again in the near future, you can add servers to your Favorites in the server list

First off, go to server
1 - Go to the favourites tab
2 - Click on Add
3 - Paste the server address
4 -Click on the 'add this address to favourites' thingy
Now you can join the server easily from your favourites list  :D

Current List Of People With Admin-Abuse Powerzzz

The Punisher (99:z; practically full access
bernard.prakken (99:z; idem)
Bernd (99:z; idem)

New admins can be added upon request. All you have to do is supply me with your Steam ID. A quick google will do to figure your ID out

usefull admin commands for the console are
- sm_rcon tf_bot_add x (x should be a number, x equals the amount of bots to be added)
- sm_rcon tf_bot_kick all (will kick all bots from the server)
- sm_rcon changelevel x (x should be the name of the map, like ctf_2fort or fifa_worldcup_tf_b1)
- sm_admin (opens up the SourceMod administration window, which allows you to do all kinds of admin stuff)
- sm_rcon mp_timelimit x (x should be the desired time you wish the map to set, will change the time to that value)
- sm_rcon mp_maxrounds x (map ends when X rounds have been reached (unless winlimit or timelimit is reached first))
- sm_rcon kick x (x should be the name of the person you want to get rid of, will kick that user)
- sm_rcon ban x (x should be either steam_id or username, will ban that person; as far as I"m aware, bans are usually permanent, unless amount of minutes for ban is stated)

I'll keep this up to date as much as possible

Spam / Show Us Your Desktop!
« on: 29 April 2015, 01:07:38 PM »
Due to lack of active topics in the spam board, why not spam it with our desktop setups?
To start it off, here's my utterly useless and unorganized desktop

Link here

It works okay for me though  :))

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