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Downloads / xFire
« on: 04 June 2013, 04:45:27 PM »

What is Xfire?
Xfire is an instant messaging system similar to IM's such as msn etc. It allows users to chat instantly to friends that are online but where it differs from any other instant messengers xfire supported games allow you to chat whilst in game without having to minimise or exit the game. It also tracks game data and can let you know how many hours you have spent on a game whilst xfire is running.

You will need to have an xfire account to use xfire, signing up is easy and fast, just hit the button below

If you dont like the new version of xfire and want to download the old version then click the link below this line of text
Old xFire Client

Connect with our members

All members and their xfire usernames are either below or due to be added.

*[WBS]* Leader

*[WBS]* Tuesday - norristuesday
*[WBS]* Kill Machine - wvvk

*[WBS]* Admin

*[WBS]* Twist - wbstwist

*[WBS]* Moderator

*[WBS]* Pepper - pepper0179

*[WBS]* Member

*[WBS]* Soldier Koga - koga70
*[WBS]* Elite Noob - ruselite03
*[WBS]* Pro Sniper - sniperteamdelta
*[WBS]* NeXus - wbsrwhopper
*[WBS]* War Machine - 18glennho
*[WBS]* No Pity - fsfnopity
*[WBS]* Springb@cks - arthur0109
*[WBS]* LookNLearn -  looknlearn
*[WBS]* ___POLAND___ - ooopolandooo
*[WBS]* Sting
*[WBS]* Luke - baseballfreak302

*[WBSR]* Member

*[WBSR]* Gh0st - thefantomvirus
*[WBSR]* Rampage - kendallschimdit
*[WBSR]* harry sniper - harrysniper
*[WBSR]* 116thBattalion - 116thbattalion

*If You're xfire username isn't above, reply to this topic with it and i will add it in

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